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Tradeforce Tech is the only turnkey multi-trades and industrial refrigeration contracting and service company specializing in energy efficiency for building systems.

Where else can you get a 25% – 100% return on your investments?

With energy rates projected to increase by 35% – 40% over the next 10 years it is important for organizations to manage energy consumption with the same degree of diligence as they do their core business. Tradeforce Tech offers customers unique solutions for mitigating the impact of rising energy costs and building systems maintenance. Here is just one example;

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Tradeforce Tech works directly with you to develop an Energy Management Plan then identify and implement the most appropriate solutions for meeting your plans’ objectives.

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Case Studies

Tradeforce has saved hundreds of organizations millions of dollars that go straight to the bottom line instead of straight to the utility bill.  We’re confident that the following case studies will generate ideas about how to put our expertise and experience to work for your organization.

Heffner Toyota

The Heffner automotive story began on September 1, 1960, when Mr. John Heffner Sr. opened shop on a small lot on Breithaupt Street in Kitchener. After a few years, the business moved to King Street East, across from Rockway Gardens, where it was located for 25 years.

Power Savings


Light Output Increase


Why Energy Management Planning?

In recent years, rising energy costs have had a significant impact on private and public sector organizations of all sizes and energy costs are projected to double over the next several years. The good news is an increasing array of cost effective solutions are becoming available to address both energy conservation and renewable energy generation. The bad news is, most organizations do not have the internal resources to make sense of the confusing and often conflicting claims of competitive solutions or evaluate whether they are taking inappropriate risks with new technologies.

Leaders plan, measure and target continuous improvement in all aspects of their organizations but all too often energy reduction is left to a roller coaster ride of ad-hoc initiatives that yield less than satisfactory results.

Why Choose Tradeforce Tech?

Most Energy Management planning systems follow a traditional 4 step continuous improvement cycle of “Plan-Do-Check-Act” or “Plan-Implement-Monitor-Review”.

At Tradeforce Tech we recognize that Energy Management planning is unfamiliar territory to most organizations so we added an additional step; Education. The goal is to make energy management an important element of organizational culture and this can only be achieved by educating all stakeholders on the importance to the individual, their organization, and their community. An informed team becomes engaged and an engaged team produces superior results.