With energy rates projected to increase by 35% – 40% over the next 10 years it is important for organizations to manage energy consumption with the same degree of diligence as they do their core business.  Tradeforce Tech offers customers a unique approach to mitigating the impact of rising energy costs and building systems maintenance. We are the only turn-key multi-trades & industrial refrigeration contracting and service company specializing in energy efficiency for building systems.

About Tradeforce Tech’s Approach to Energy Conservation

We help our customers identify opportunities for reducing energy consumption then source and implement the most effective solutions for the job.

With energy rates projected to double over the next 10 years we feel it is important for organizations to manage energy consumption with the same degree of diligence as they do their core business.

Our Mission is to be a positive force for change in our society’s increasingly urgent need to transition to a more sustainable economic and environmental model.

In recent years, rising energy costs have had a significant impact on private and public sector organizations of all sizes.  The good news is an increasing array of cost effective solutions are becoming available to address both energy conservation and renewable generation.  Even better, you don’t need the internal expertise to make sense of the confusing and often conflicting claims of competitive products or evaluate whether your organization is taking inappropriate risks with new technologies;  this is where TFT can help. Built on a proven foundation of integrated multi-trade services, Tradeforce Tech delivers professional, tailored energy conservation solutions designed to significantly reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions for its clients.  Tradeforce Tech will develop plans and implement solutions that increasingly free up client resources to re-invest in product & process innovations or in building sustainable communities over time.

Services & Solutions

Studies have shown Energy Conservation and Demand Management (ECDM) projects achieve sustainable results and greatest returns on investment when they are the result of a longer term plan.  The “Plan-Do-Check-Act” approach provides for increasingly greater returns as new technologies come to maturity.  Developing a plan that is clearly communicated and engages people from across your organization with measurable and manageable objectives is the surest way to get results that stick.  Making energy conservation and GHG emission reduction a central component of your organizations’ values and culture is the ultimate goal!


Whether your organization is ready to invest in the development of an energy management system or just looking for advice on opportunities to reduce consumption, TFT will provide a free initial consultation to determine the most appropriate approach for you. We have in house staff certified to develop and implement ISO 50001 programs and work closely with engineering partners for ASHRAE audits when required.

Energy Conservation & Demand Management

LED lighting, ultra-efficient power transformers, high EER HVAC systems, cost effective electricity sub metering and sustainability management software to help you monitor, measure and manage your ECDM projects alongside other organizational sustainability initiatives.  We work directly with leading manufacturers and developers to find the solutions that best suit your needs…now and for years to come.