About Tradeforce Tech

With energy rates projected to increase by 35% – 40% over the next 10 years it is important for organizations to manage energy consumption with the same degree of diligence as they do their core business.  Tradeforce Tech offers customers a unique approach to mitigating the impact of rising energy costs and building systems maintenance. We are the only turn-key multi-trades & industrial refrigeration contracting and service company specializing in energy efficiency for building systems.

Our Mission is to be a positive force for change in our society’s increasingly urgent need to transition to a more sustainable economic and environmental model.

What does this mean?

The “triple bottom line” message often gets conveyed as do something “green” and trust me, it will have economic benefits as a by-product. People often look at green initiatives as a luxury expense but in fact energy conservation retrofits are investments that generate real rates of return at low risk.

At Tradeforce our focus is on generating economic benefits that have environmental benefits as a by-product.  Energy conservation retrofits reduce operating costs for our clients thereby improving the sustainability of their operations. Energy conservation retrofits employ highly skilled trades people and those jobs are high paying and can’t be automated or “off shored” so the economic benefits are significant and help develop vibrant, sustainable local communities…and lets not forget the environmental benefits that happen as a by-product !  As they say, “going green is just good business”.

John Coghill

Prior to forming Tradeforce Tech Mr. Coghill was President of ESP, a high efficiency lighting and energy management solutions consulting company.  Prior to joining ESP, he was Consulting CEO for a Waterloo based tech start-up rated one of “Top 20 Most Promising” tech start-ups by the Ontario Centres of Excellence.  During his tenure he developed the Company’s business plan and technology strategy, raised start-up capital and established distribution agreements for the Canadian and US markets.  Prior to this he was Vice President and Divisional General Manager at a major publicly traded Canadian technology company.  Over his 25 year career he has held various Engineering and Marketing positions at several leading high tech companies.

With an MBA from the top Business School in Canada combined with extensive business development experience he is focused on developing Tradeforce Tech into a force for change in our economy’s increasingly urgent need to transition to a more sustainable economic and environmental model.