Renewable Energy

Ontario is leading the world in its commitment to investing in a more sustainable energy grid. The Green Energy Act of 2009 supports the deployment of clean, renewable energy sources as well as investments in energy conservation and demand management solutions. The future is one where we produce and consume energy where and when we need it, and TFT provides tomorrows solutions today.

Smart Energy Centre

The most significant “game changer” about to make headlines is called a “Smart Energy Centre”.  Developed in B.C.  it marries two older technologies into one seamless energy system. “CHP” (combined heat & power) and heat pump technologies are integrated with a control system that optimizes the flow of energy and provides simultaneous heating and cooling capability 24hrs a day 365 days per year.

A natural gas or bio-fuel fired generator produces electricity at approximately half the current market rate here in Ontario and comes equipped with a system for capturing the excess heat from the engines’ cooling jacket and exhaust.  This otherwise wasted heat energy is used to heat water, make steam or used in industrial processes.  When not required the excess heat is typically stored in a closed system ground loop of piping, otherwise knows as a geo-field.  Heat pumps use this stored energy to provide year round cooling and heating.

The net result is a reduction in total energy use of up to 50% depending on the facility.

Solar Photovoltaic

TFT provides solar power solutions for both microFIT (<10kW) and FIT applications. Roof mounted solar panel arrays enable customers to turn previously unused space into a source of revenue through the generation of green electricity which is sold back to the grid. Helping the environment while making you money is a win-win and TFT provides the design, engineering and construction for any size solar system across Ontario.

Solar Thermal

Solar thermal, the generation of hot water from solar energy, is a very cost-effective and efficient renewable energy source. Heating and cooling your building through a solar hot water and chiller system is more affordable and provides greater energy output than almost any other form of renewable energy.


The earth absorbs roughly 48% of the sun’s energy. That’s an awful lot of untapped power. Harness this clean, efficient energy source today with a geothermal heating and cooling system. Designed to regulate the temperature of your facility using the earth’s natural ground source energy. Safe and natural, geothermal technology is the ideal way to hedge against rising electricity costs and reduce your environmental impact.