Catalyst Advanced Rooftop-Unit Control Solution

Innovate or stagnate, as the saying goes. This is true for any company, but for Tradeforce Tech, new innovations are what drive us forward. Being at the forefront of energy efficiency is an exciting place to be and we invest a considerable amount of our time and resources to stay out in front of all new and emerging technologies to offer clients the absolute best solutions.


Part of how we do this is through partnerships. Once we’ve found the best technologies, the best way to implement them is to work as closely as possible with those developing it.  Without going through the traditional supply chain where there are multiple parties marking up product (importers, agencies, distributors, wholesalers, etc.) we are able to offer the premium solutions at a very competitive upfront cost.

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just partnered with Transformative Wave to bring their technologies to the commercial/industrial market in Ontario.

Transformative Wave is a leading energy efficiency innovator in HVAC retrofit and building automation solutions, developing and bringing to market a growing line of game-changing technologies that are transforming the commercial/industrial energy landscape. Their CATALYST technology is an Advanced Rooftop-Unit Control (ARC) solution that reduces energy usage by up to 50%.

Catalyst Advanced Rooftop-Unit Control Solution

The CATALYST offers the most comprehensive set of benefits to commercial/industrial customers who are looking to reduce energy costs, improve occupant comfort, and gain visibility and control into their HVAC assets. Making it the most advanced ARC technology on the market today, the CATALYST has these important features:

  1. Variable Frequency Drive: Commonly known as a VFD, the variable frequency drive serves as the foundation, offering up to 60% or more of the energy savings. It adjusts the motor speed up or down while still maintaining the temperature setpoint as opposed to running consistently at 100%.
  2. Demand Control Ventilation: Based on the CO2 levels within the building, the DCV feature will automatically adjust and maintain proper indoor air quality by opening the damper to allow just enough outside air to ensure the inside of the building meets building code standards.
  3. Advanced Economization: Making the most of the outside air conditions, if the temperature outside is closer to the setpoint temperature than the return air, the CATALYST will intelligently select the free cooling or heating from outside air whenever possible.
  4. Predictive Economization: An advanced feature unique to the CATALYST, is the ability to know when to start economizing based on when it is most efficient, preventing your HVAC system from working harder than it needs to in order to reach a current or upcoming setpoint.
  5. Web Connectivity: Only the best ARC technologies are deployed with a web-accessible interface, and the CATALYST integrates seamlessly with the eIQ Platform, the most user-friendly remote control and oversight platform that provides visibility into HVAC equipment, real-time asset control, advanced fault detection and diagnostics, and much more.

As one of the newest members of the Transformative Wave Affiliate Partner Network, Tradeforce Tech can now bring this intelligent, energy-saving technology to our Fortune 500 client base.

“At Transformative Wave, we are always looking for valuable partners who offer a turn-key approach to energy efficiency for their clients, and we have found that in Tradeforce Tech. The CATALYST and eIQ Platform will complement Tradeforce Tech’s portfolio of solutions which help their clients achieve sustainability and energy conservation goals.”

Danny Miller, president of Transformative Wave

“Whether you operate a distribution center, manufacturing plant, shopping mall, or something entirely different…there are savings we can help you achieve using this game-changing solution!”

Jonathan Knowles, VP Sales & Operations