Not All Lighting is Created Equal

A common objective in most every industry is to provide a product or service in a fashion that satisfies a need and that can be delivered profitably. The classic “win-win”.  Being cost conscious is just good management, however some companies cut corners in ways damaging to their objectives and that don’t take the total cost of ownership into account. Such strategies may help short term profits, but the business and its customers inevitably suffer.

One of the key takeaways in energy management planning is that not all lighting is created equal. LED lights have several key advantages that allow organizations to meet the needs of both their workers and their customers, while also being highly cost effective when all factors are considered.

Efficiency and Longevity

The advantages LED lights offer consumers are well-documented.  Much lower operating cost and long life are the key selling points. For businesses these advantages are even more compelling however some organizations initially balk at LED because the retrofit costs are considered an expense rather than an investment.  LED lighting has 60% – 80% lower operating costs and because they last three to five times longer than other light sources, material costs and maintenance time to replace burned out lights will decrease dramatically.

No one likes climbing up on a ladder to replace a lightbulb. Now, imagine having your employees replacing hundreds or even thousands on a regular basis over the next 10 years.  Industrial lighting is often difficult to access (high ceilings, over equipment etc.) so lifts are required and safety gear and working at heights training are essential. Often these material, labour and safety considerations are equal to or greater than the operating savings.

When you add benefits such as being able to meet industry specific regulated lighting standards at lower costs the return on this investment is difficult to beat!

A Safer, More Productive Environment

Does your employees or Safety Committee raise concerns about poorly lit work areas? An LED system will improve light levels which reduces the risk of accidents and injuries, subsequently heightening employee morale, increasing productivity, and demonstrating that the organization desires a workplace that benefits everyone.

Have you ever found yourself walking in a dimly lit parking lot at night? It can be unsettling, it presents a safety risk and criminals commonly exploit darker areas to commit crimes. LED lighting provides the illumination, long life, ruggedness and cost-effectiveness to make it the logical choice for such areas. Employees and customers using these exterior areas of your property will now feel safe and have no hesitation to return.  Best of all it is extremely cost efficient, as demonstrated by the Canada One Outlet Mall, which made back its costs in just two years, using 80% less energy, and saving $75,000 annually.

This is the type of investment that demonstrates forward thinking in an organization. 

Going Green

Most companies understand how important it is to plan for the future and protect our environment. LED lighting is a very effective way for a company to do this, while also profiting from some significant improvements. Reduced power consumption by LED not only means lower costs, but also less need for energy culled from “dirty” sources, such as coal. This reduces the amount of greenhouse gases resulting from carbon dioxide output.

The fact that LED lights last longer also means less physical waste: far fewer bulbs will be going into recycling or, worse, the regular garbage. They are also more durable than other lighting types, meaning less risk of ending up damaged and unusable due to wear and tear.

While just one component of a smart energy management plan, LED lighting allows companies to “do the right thing” while also enhancing their bottom line, huge advantages regardless of the industry.