Energy Management Planning

Improving financial sustainability is the concern of organizational leaders everywhere and engaging in smart energy management and conservation practices is becoming an increasingly critical competence.

Greener and cleaner is leaner!

TFT works with organizations to develop energy conservation plans and implement solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. In some cases reductions in energy consumption approaching 60% can be achieved.

When organizations make an investment in energy management planning, they are investing in a more sustainable future for all of their stakeholders. Identifying and quantifying the most appropriate solutions for energy conservation is only half the job. Implementing the measures using expert project management processes that maximize stakeholder engagement and minimize business interruption is the real key to gaining sustainable, repeatable results over time.

Our approach to developing sustainable gains and long term results is methodical and complete.

  • Review and determine organizational objectives for sustainability
  • Establish scope, scale and timeframe for implementing measures
  • Establish regulatory compliance or standards certification objectives (Reg 397/11, ISO5001, LEED)
  • Conduct comprehensive audits and evaluation of core building systems as required lighting, HVAC, compressed air, motors/conveyors, refrigeration, combustion, sanitation and process water, power distribution and generation
  • Quantify the opportunities for savings in both economic and environmental terms
  • capture all available incentive and funding opportunities
  • Develop a plan based on the outcome of the previous steps
  • Phased approach to building long-term support; when outcomes meet expectations people become engaged
  • Focus on R O I
  • Readying: focus on the people and tools required to support the plan
  • Optimization: develop a continuous improvement feedback loop in core processes
  • Integration: quantify savings from previous steps to further reduce footprint through implementation of technologies such as renewables

Studies show every dollar spent on Readiness and Optimization saves three to five dollars in the Integration phase.

Book your free initial consultation to see how you can save up to 60% on utility consumption with energy management planning.