Energy Monitoring

If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

The key to identifying energy savings opportunities and having confidence that the most beneficial measures are implemented and providing the projected results over the long term is metering.  Metering and monitoring of key processes or functional areas is essential to achieving the best return on energy conservation measures and ensuring long term sustainability.

Sub-Metering is a truly proactive approach to monitoring and controlling energy expenses at a more detailed level and the only way to ensure monthly bills are not a surprise. Monthly utility bills only provide top level, backward looking costs and do not enable you to identify sources of waste in real time as they emerge.

The image below is a real-world example of a small manufacturing plant that discovered a “phantom” load running overnight when submeters were installed as part of an energy audit. Replacing a faulty timer resulted in $28,000 in annual savings!

Studies have shown metering and proactive decision support tools are critical to managing and reducing both short and long term costs.  TFT provides expert support for the implementation of a system best suited to your objectives.  Whether its simply monitoring high level consumption at your building input or implementing a more comprehensive submetering system monitoring key processes or building subsections, TFT is here to help every step of the way.