HVAC For Building Citizens

Cit·i·zen, noun. An inhabitant of a particular city or town, with a right to enjoy its benefits.

Citizens have a right to expect certain basic things in the cities and towns they inhabit. Chief among them are clean air, safe drinking water, and well-lit public spaces.

These elements are fundamental to building a safe, healthy environment. With these pieces in place, extraordinary things can happen. Towns grow into cities; local businesses prosper; and people become thriving, productive citizens.

Here at Tradeforce Tech, we recognize that the environment inside our buildings is just as important to people’s success and wellbeing as the environment outdoors. We see our customers (and their customers) as more than employees or clients; they’re Building Citizens.

Energy Efficient HVAC Benefits

Building Citizens expect quality air and a comfortable temperature in their places of work and play. However, the benefits of energy efficient HVAC systems go beyond the basic requirement of providing a clean, comfortable indoor environment.  Organizations that invest in energy efficient HVAC systems see many other benefits including:

  • Higher Productivity: Study after study has demonstrated that more comfortable working environments lead to more productive employees, to the tune of 3% to 7% higher productivity.
  • Premium Rates: High-quality environments allows property managers and REITs to increase the rates for their properties, leading to an increase in revenue and property value that more than offsets the cost of the upgrade.
  • Lower Energy Consumption: Heating and cooling encompasses one of the single largest energy expenses for most businesses; boosting energy efficiency yields immediate returns in the form of lower energy costs.

If you’ve already done an LED retrofit you need to read this!

No matter your industry, the health and comfort of your Building Citizens effects the bottom line. Businesses that invest in improving temperature control and indoor air quality benefit from years of higher productivity, lower energy costs and higher returns.

Going green is just good business!

Our Expertise in Industrial Energy Efficiency Projects

Ready to design and install a new HVAC system? We can do that. Does it make more sense to retrofit your existing HVAC equipment? We can do that, too.

The team at Tradeforce Tech has decades of experience designing and deploying energy-efficient technology solutions and controls that help businesses improve the bottom line. Our professional mechanics and technicians are continuously upgrading their skills and knowledge through manufacturer direct training programs.

Tradeforce Tech specializes in industrial energy efficiency projects, including the installation and service of:

  • Unitary packaged rooftop systems (RTUs)
  • Chillers
  • Heat pumps
  • Ductless split air conditioners
  • Cooling towers
  • Radiant heaters
  • Make-up air units

You can be confident we have the experts to get the job done right the first time.

Tradeforce Tech is building better environments for Building Citizens through cutting-edge energy solutions. We serve businesses, municipalities, institutions across Canada, and we’d love to earn a spot on your energy management team.