Preventative Maintenance Software

Our preventive maintenance software (Computerized Maintenance Management System) enables companies to take control of their maintenance costs through effective tracking and managing of equipment, work orders, scheduling preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance as well as performing the functions of an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system.  Preventative maintenance can also help you save energy by ensuring plant and equipment systems are maintained in peak operating condition.  Just like keeping your car tuned up reduces fuel consumption, keeping your building systems up to date and replacing old components with newer energy efficient versions can save energy.

Maintenance Assistant CMMS is the World’s Asset Management Choice providing a revolutionary CMMS / EAM software experience to clients around the world and TFT is proud to be an affiliate partner here in Ontario.  We believe offering a technically superior cloud-based software can help drive down the costs associated with maintenance and machine downtime while increasing profitability and industry or company maintenance compliance.

Running a traditional, successful CMMS requires a lot of money and resources for things like manual on-boarding, data entry and finding manuals. The timeline can span weeks and even months.  SpareTime™ is a simple handheld application that will allow your maintenance team to identify key assets and automatically build a successful maintenance program in MA CMMS with a single walk-through of the facility.

SpareTime™ won’t just help you get up and running quickly, but will allow your maintenance staff to learn the application as they go with embedded training.  Our focus is to make your team successful!