The team at Tradeforce Tech are refrigeration experts specializing in commercial and industrial applications.

We design, plan, construct and service refrigeration systems including coolers, freezers, chillers, ice machines and many systems alike.

From fast food restaurants to large food distribution facilities, Tradeforce Tech has helped hundreds of companies keep their product cold.

Industrial Energy Efficiency Projects for Walk-In Coolers and Freezers

When a business relies on refrigeration, saving energy isn’t as simple as powering down.

Refrigeration systems have to run 24/7 to prevent product spoilage. Unlike HVAC or lighting systems, shutting off to save energy is not an option.

Implementing energy-saving systems are key to reducing the cost of industrial refrigeration. By investing in state-of-the-art technologies and routine maintenance and repairs, industrial and commercial businesses can:

  • Reduce energy expenditures by 50% or more
  • Significantly extend the life of equipment
  • Gain greater control over temperature and humidity than out-of-the-box systems can provide

In one Tradeforce Tech case study, the installation of a single refrigeration control system and ten electronic expansion valves resulted in cost savings of 43%, along with reducing spoilage and closing gaps in workplace safety.

Expert Refrigeration System Maintenance and Repair

Saving energy isn’t only about upgrades and retrofits. Many energy efficiency measures amount to routine, low-cost service and repair.

Routine maintenance is easy to forget, especially when a business serves hundreds of customers or moves thousands of products a day. But when it comes to refrigeration systems, failure can lead to catastrophic product spoilage — not to mention a costly emergency service call.

Our clients count on our professional mechanics and technicians to keep their systems in working order. The team at Tradeforce Tech is committed to continuously upgrading our skills and knowledge through manufacturer direct training programs for all system components and controls.

We would love the opportunity to demonstrate what our team can do for you!

Trust in Tradeforce Tech for Industrial Energy-Saving Projects

In addition to our refrigeration expertise, what sets Tradeforce Tech apart is our focus on energy-efficiency. For almost 20 years our team has been designing, building and servicing industrial energy-saving projects that empower businesses to better manage energy costs in their facilities. We have applied our expertise to walk-in coolers and freezers of all sizes for businesses large and small.