Sustainability Management Platform

Municipalities, school boards and leading organization around the world are looking beyond simple energy reduction programs to help them reduce costs and their environmental footprint.

In order to develop a culture of energy conservation and sustainable development, organizations require real time data presented in meaningful and engaging formats for a wide variety of stakeholders.  Energy Managers requires building system performance statistics, “Green Teams” need a tool to track and present the result of various measures undertaken and schools and governments are mandated to implement a wide variety of energy and environmental conservation initiatives.

Powersmiths WoW

Until now this has required time consuming data collection from various system sub-meters spread across a building or campus, manual data entry into multiple computer systems and some way to collate all of the data into a consistent, meaningful format.  Typically this means “information” is presented that is several weeks or months out of date resulting in many lost opportunities, lost project momentum and often more questions than answers.

The WoW system is an apps-driven platform that integrates data from all metered building systems, management information systems and project team spreadsheets and reports into one central database that presents the data in predesigned formats you select.  It even supports rich media so project videos, tutorials and other outreach pieces can be managed from one common toolset.

Simple, low cost implementation is possibly the most enabling aspect of this platform.  Utilizing a secure, cloud based SaS model (Software as a Service) eliminates the need to purchase any hardware or software and no internal IT resources are required….now, or in the future. Our system enables you to start small and grows with you as your needs and horizons expand.  Just like your smart phone or tablet, you can start with the basic services then add on as your needs require…there’s an app for that!