Politics 2.0 Not as Boring as It Sounds

Politics 2.0 Not as Boring as It Sounds
Feb 23, 2017 | TradeForceTech

Mike Schreiner, Leader of Ontario Green Party, is happy to support Politics 2.0; a fresh look at political engagement. An approach focused on impact and results now as opposed to promises for tomorrow. He and his local Greens have adopted a philosophy of inclusiveness. They collaborate with other political parties, community organizations, and not-for-profits.

I’m of no particular political persuasion or religion for that matter. I have good relationships with people in several different parties. I like things that make sense for people, planet, and profit. I agree with certain perspectives of each party and disagree with others. So I guess I’m not “a(n)<insert political party here>” anything, but what I do believe in is good people doing things to contribute to a better community and better life for their families.

Mike invited me to join a meeting tonight to share a business perspective with his team on matters related to energy projects. Some affirmations that, done correctly, energy retrofit projects have significant positive impact on profits and can reduce environmental impact. I was never asked to donate money or pledge alliance. No retinal scans or blood samples taken. Just an opportunity to hear some fellow citizens’ perspectives on what we can do better and where the biggest impact can be made.

This Saturday a group is going to support Hopehouse fundraiser Coldest Night walk in Guelph. Not to spread the message of the Green Party but to attend as normal citizens contributing to an important cause.

Instead of worrying about who said what and where they can hurt their political opponents, the meeting was focused only on ways to positively impact the community. “How else can we serve this community well?” Mike asked us. Homelessness, food security, health, water protection… These are not left wing or right wing or center issues, these are human issues that need to be addressed today. Issues that can’t wait for the mud slinging to run its course or the dust to settle. So let it be known that if you’d like to make an impact you’re welcome to join Mike and company to volunteer regardless of what other political affiliations you might have. You can make an impact without being branded.

Quite frankly it was inspiring to hear a group of people focus on results and not on conflict. So much so that I had to write this first LinkedIn article. Hopefully you have enjoyed it.

Divisive politics is easy, real leadership is bringing people together for common purpose regardless of their differences.