Ultra Efficient Transformers

A little known energy savings opportunity goes largely unnoticed…literally.  Buried in electrical rooms and utility closets all across the country, low voltage distribution transformers power our office equipment, lighting systems, air conditioners and everything else requiring electricity in the workplace.

The relentless drive to lower building construction costs over the past 50 years has resulted in the development of ever cheaper, and less efficient, distribution transformers.

The US Department of Energy estimates between 5% and 7% of power generated in North America is unnecessarily wasted as heat in low voltage power distribution transformers in buildings across every segment.  Further, 50% are past the average useful service life of 32 years and overdue for replacement.

The Powersmith’s line of ultra-hi efficiency transformers are optimized for today’s modern building loads (computers, electronic lighting ballasts) and have up to 75% lower losses than regular “hi-efficiency” transformers.  Why wait for a catastrophic failure to remove that old space heater from the closet? Start saving an additional 5% energy consumption that will pay for itself many times over the next 30 years.